How to enable PDO on WHM

To enable PDO in the system PHP:

1. Login to WHM
2. Click Apache Update
3. Click Start Customizing Based on Profile
4. Select an Apache version
5. Click Next Step
6. Select PHP 5
7. Click Next Step
8. Select a version of PHP 5
9. Click Next Step
10. Click Exhaustive Options List button
11. Scroll down to the check box labeled PDO
12. Click Save and Build

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11 Responses to How to enable PDO on WHM

  1. Ken says:

    Perfect! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bob,
    I recently moved to a VPS server after years of shared hosting and spent weeks trying to learn and install various things using the SHELL access. Today after following the steps in your tutorial to install POD, I realised I could have used this exact same method for the Zend Optimizer and Ioncube loader etc. Feeling really silly now. Many Thanks, Toria

  3. ike says:

    this has had me up all night hope it works

  4. Evi says:

    Hello, I want to ask If there is any possibillity to lose me data of server If i make the update. Thanks

    • rdnotes says:

      if you’re referring to the database you won’t lose any data. What it actually does it just re-compile your php build base on the your old setting plus additional module you want to install.

  5. Rob Daven says:

    Thanks for breaking it down Bob. A lot simpler than any other tut’s I could find

  6. Hello, I want to ask something about if the re-compile doesn’t work.. do we have a Second Plan?


    • rdnotes says:

      You can install it manually by doing this.

      1. $ pecl install pdo

      now add the extension in php.ini file

      ; Extension PDO

      Hope this would help.

  7. Thank you so much for help me out
    PDO is working

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